Good Afternoon Robert,

Word do not seem adequate to express my/our gratitude for the Dear World project and the photograph you created of my Dad, Charles Dolan. His message, as you know, is “Halt War”.

You have captured emotion in my Dad’s face that we have never seen. There is urgency, fear, anger, sadness and frustration in his face. He is screaming with his eyes – STOP! He clearly wanted and needed to share his message with the world!

The “Dear World” project has given my Dad voice – he is truly a man of few words. He is thrilled with the photograph. In his words, “I look like I just came off the battlefield.” In some ways, he has.

Over the years, my Dad has received applause many times for his service in WWII. Despite being a Bronze Star recipient, he has never felt comfortable or deserving of the applause. He simply does not see himself as a hero.

Last night…my Dad received a standing ovation. He welcomed the applause and attention in a way uncharacteristic of him. This time, however, he was being applauded for his message – his beliefs. This was an unbelievable experience – it was empowering.

We all see a difference in my Dad today – I think he has finally come home from the war. Thank you for leading the way.

I will be forever grateful to you and all who made this possible.